Robby – the shopbot

24/7, 365 Days a year

Robby – The Shopbot offers your customers round the clock shopping opportunities, independent from closing hours. 

No personnel

Information, shopping assistance, payment and delivery in one single operation process – Robby runs all by itself, no further personnel costs arise.

Visual Marketing

Robby’s screen modules reach out to your customers personally and promotions or flash sales can be advertised straight from the machine. 

Everywhere Commerce

The future of shopping is shaped by flexibility: Robby allows your customers to shop online e.g. via click and collect and pick up their items  at the robot or vice versa – whenever, wherever.

Sharing is caring

Rent out Robby as advertising and promotion space to other companies or shops, thus multiplying its benefits.

Maximum Capacity

Robby can offer more than 2000 products and is infinitely expandable. It thereby monitors its stock automatically.

Central Control

Robby is always coordinated centrally; even several ROBBYs can be controlled individually. While the monitors are regulated via CMS, all article master data and other contents can be managed by an ERP system. 

Fashion or Freshness?

Additionally, the temperature of Robby’s interior is adjustable – ideal for fresh products, wine or other foods.

Progressive Payment

Robby is already prepared for our future’s payment methods: contactless payment, Apple Pay, payments via smartphones and many more.

Versatile application

At shopping centres, airports, train stations or integrated into your store’s window display: Robby’s application possibilities are multifaceted. 

Travelling Salesman

Even at fairs, events or concerts, Robby is your sales expert: merchandise, product presentations and more can be planned and programmed individually.


With a floor space starting from 12.5 m², Robby’s space requirements are low, allowing for flexible integration into distinct concepts.

Digging Deeper

Connecting Robby to a logistics solution underneath provides greater capacities for more product diversity and more application options. 

Rent a Robby

Rent out Robby as advertising space for promotions or as shop-in-shop system. Thus Robby can e.g. expand the POS in a mall or make targeted sales a shopping experience.

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