The Challenge

Many cust­o­mers prefer to shop online because of its feeling of adven­ture, flexi­bi­lity and of course the service. Indi­vi­dua­lity is a plus, speed of e-commerce is comfor­table and desired. The retail trade is faced with these stan­dards. And that´s why the digi­ta­liza­tion of the own shop systems is going to be a forward-looking task for retailers.

The Solution

Robo Retail GmbH is the inventor of a new, unpre­ce­dented Point-of-Sales-Plat­form 4.0 named›Robby – the Shopbot‹. When the boun­da­ries of e-commerce and offline-trade inter­ming­ling more and more, Robo Retail GmbH is a pioneer of the digi­ta­liza­tion of the retail trade and offers solu­tions beyond the boun­da­ries of opening hours and wareh­ouse capa­city. The shop soft­ware and the Point-of-Sales inter­lock like cog wheels, while e-commerce solu­tions help the trade to be more flexible. Ever­y­thing provides from one source: Concep­tion and deve­lop­ment, rollout and the inte­gra­tion of exis­ting solu­tions. The divi­sion of on- and offline is going to be obso­lete – and cust­omer requi­re­ments are achieved comple­tely.


Shopping 4.0

With a new dimen­sion of shop­ping we are the impulse gene­rator for the digi­ta­liza­tion progress. When e-commerce and offline-trade inter­ming­ling more and more, we start with our ›Robby – the Shopbot‹ the revo­lu­tion of retail. E-commerce, mobile shop­ping and local retail spaces are coming toge­ther and enable a world­wide shop­ping adven­ture. So all cust­omer requi­re­ments take centre stage with the Shop­ping 4.0.



Nicolas Weik, CEO

Busi­ness econo­mist and founder. Before turning his vision of ROBBY into reality, Nicolas served as a perman­ently employed busi­ness manager and execu­tive consul­tant. His expe­ri­ences in retail, it-services and the insurance sector built up a profound exper­tise. Nicolas studied busi­ness admi­nis­tra­tion in Mann­heim and Heidel­berg. He is married and has two daugh­ters.


Brian Kamp, COO

Inter­na­tional Busi­ness graduate and co-founder. Prior to joining ROBBY, he gained exten­sive expe­ri­ence as Project, Quality and Sales Manager in the auto­mo­tive and phar­maceutical industry. Brian studied Inter­na­tional Busi­ness in The Nether­lands and Banking in Spain. Working in inter­na­tional and chal­len­ging envi­ron­ments is what he enjoys most.